The Career Development Agency

TCDA Ltd, not the most catchy name for a recruitment company, right? 


The name stands for The Career Development Agency, which aims to better meet the needs of candidates and clients, by focusing on one core principle. 


    Filling a vacancy is simply NOT a successful outcome of recruitment. 


Successful recruitment is achieved when a candidate is able to grow and develop their career within a business over a period of 2, 3 or 4 years, maybe even longer!!


This only happens when the opportunities and aspirations of an employer are inline with those desired by a candidate. 


Finding a qualified candidate that is interested in a career opportunity is therefore only half the battle, the real challenge is finding one with a desired career path that is aligned with that being offered by an employer. 


We combine our core principle with a very effective method for identifying suitable candidates, which makes for a recruitment service that we believe is unbeatable. 


    By making better placements, everyone wins. 


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